Until we bleed | Su...
By rosysilk
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" 'Thalia, it's not about who or what you are, it's the fact that you were lying to us all this time - Dean couldn't hide the pain and disappointment in his tone. I felt as if my lungs were aching. - I can't look at you the same way anymore. I think you should leave.' He was right. I had to leave. It was too late, I was too late. It didn't matter what I wanted anymore, I had to do what was the best for them. I gulped down my tears and walked out of the door. I don't think I was ever gonna see them again." Thalia Alexander has been fighting for one thing all her life and now she is finally getting close, all she needs is help from the Winchesters. But as they come into her life things don't work out exactly the way she planned them and Thalia will for the first time start questioning all her choices. I don't own anything besides the characters I create, there can be mature content in some chapters.


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Until we...
by rosysilk