The Finch
By mr_allen_19
  • Mystery / Thriller
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  • thriller
  • truth


#̶D̶e̶a̶r ̶D̶a̶i̶r̶y# #page 1# I was a teenager and It was autumn season I was outside to collect some dry leaves for my school project When i arrived at my home I saw my mom sitting on couch with my fav soupy noodles "Hey sweetie" She greeted me, i asked her if she want something because she was trying to give me bribe! "Like seriously like I am going fall again.. " I murmur inspecting her facial expressions while she chuckled Then she told that she is going to grandma's house with papa for some urgent work.... I asked her not to leave me but she said it would only take 1 week and after that she will come back Look I was that stupid. Actually I think it was my mistake that I forgot to ask her that how many years are there in one week because many years has passed but both never came back. #page 1#

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The Finch
by mr_allen_19