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By Hellss_Queen
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When I walked into the school people look at me. I was walking to my locker and I smelled the sweetest smell ever. Mate!!! Go get mate's Reign was yelling and howling. Looking around, my eye a landed on the one person who I didn't want to see and he was staring right back at me. Cole Black. His eyes looked through mine and Reign was howling with joy. I stood there shocked not able to move. Except when he stood up and started walking towards me, I did the one thing that I would have never thought I'd do. I ran. Just as I got into the parking lot and to my car, warm arms wrapped around my arm and I knew exactly who it was. Cole turned me around to where I was facing him and growled" Mine" "No, no, no, not yours!!!" I said in disbelief. His grip tightened around my waist and he growled. "You are mine. No one else's. You will not touch another male and you will not talk to another male. You are mine. Mate." He said before putting his head in the crook of my neck and inhaling.

Chapter 1

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Claim Me...
by Hellss_Queen