Falling In Love Wi...
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NOTE: I do not own the story, plot, character, translation, practically everything. For offline purposes only. All credits belong to the rightful owner, especially to Bian Lian, 边连, and JLL Translations. ------------------------------------------------- Falling In Love With Tsundere Villainess After Transmigrating Author(s): Bian Lian 边连 Translator: JLL Translations Type: Web Novel (CN) Language: Chinese Completely Translated: Yes Status in COO: 60 Chapters (Completed) Year: 2021 Licensed: N/A Original Publisher: jjwxc English Publisher: N/A Song Yu Meng is the book's evil villainess, everybody in the school knows she likes the male lead Liu Luo Yang. To avoid any girl getting close to him, she's willing to do anything. Everybody in the school also knows, the person Song Yu Meng hates the most is her classmate Yi Ran. The two of them have such a bad relationship they'll end up quarrelling everyday. Classroom, teacher's office, exercise field, canteen, these two have quarrelled everywhere in the school compounds. Everybody thought they got along like oil and water, but one day-- Someone saw the two of them entering an empty classroom in the middle of the day and thought they were going to quarrel again, but who knew...... Yi Ran actually pushed Song Yu Meng against the wall and kissed her!!! The crowd looking to watch a show just all got shocked: These two are arguing, why did it suddenly end up in a kiss?! - T/N: I apologise for making a mistake with the chapter numbers! Just to reiterate, there are NO chapters missing, just an issue with the chapter numbering. Ch.23 part 2 should have been Chapter 24, 24 should have been 25 etc. So this means chapter 59 is actually the last chapter (chapter 60). Sorry guys, but don't worry, there's no content missing, I promise.


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