Can You Keep A Secr...
By morbidcupcake
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Note from MC: Stop. Do not read this story. It was written by a 13-year-old girl who really needed a reality check. Legit, the amount of embarrassment I have for this story is innumerable, so please just... no. "I'm abused by my dad. So what? Are you going to save me? Are you going to miraculously take me away from him? Didn't think so. Stay out of my business, Mr. Carter. I can handle myself," I snapped. He was really starting to get annoying with all these questions. Couldn't he take a hint? He leaned down, getting into my personal space again, and stared into my eyes. "You're fifteen, Deserae; you can't handle yourself. And to answer your question: Yes, I am going to save you. With or without your permission." And he walked away. Leaving me stunned, confused, and breathless. As always. *I WAS ONLY 13ISH WHEN I WROTE THIS, SO IT'S IN NEED OF EDITING THAT I WILL NEVER DO. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED*

Chapter One: Interrogation. I Don't Know Already!

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Can You K...
by morbidcupcake