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Awwthentic Magazine - Year 2015 Edition A Weekly Wattpad Magazine. Yay, This is the second book of Awwthentic Edition for all Wattpad users to advertise, promote and exhibit their works. You can post request for Interviews (Author, Book and Character Interviews), Ask for Shout-Outs for your books, book clubs, Editorial and Reviewing works and Just about anything you do in Wattpad. You are also heartily Welcome to Participate in the On-Going Contests. Important : Everything I do for people here is absolutely FREE. But, I have been asked by many about payments, so as to return the favour, for that you guys can Read and Comment on any of my books. I would really appreciate it. The Only Thing I request to all is to share this magazine with friends and followers so that more and more wattpadders becomes aware and benefits from it. Doing so, we are helping ourselves as well as each other. I hope this Edition will be as loved and supported as its predecessor. Ƴσʋ cαи αℓƨσ ғιи∂ мɛ αт: LinePlay: Awwthentic Ask FM : Awwthentic Link: Facebook : Awwthentic Link : Twitter : AwwthenticRose Link : Instagram : Link : WordPress : Awwthentic Link : Tumblr : Awwthetic Link : Cover : Awwthentic Resoure : Isfe (DeviantArt) © Awwthentic All Rights Reserved - January 2015

Welcome 2015 :)

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