Enigmatic echoes: W...
By MakeItMajor1
  • Mystery / Thriller
  • anonymous
  • crime
  • crimescene
  • hate
  • highschool
  • killer
  • letter
  • murder
  • mystery
  • past
  • retribution
  • revenge
  • stubborn
  • thriller
  • vengeance
  • void


Her back hit against the wall, he smirked as he crouched down dangerously close in front of her, tilting his head to the side staring deep into her eyes, she turned her face to avoid the intense gaze but he grabbed at her chin facing her back to him. He brought his face closer to her, and nodded over to the side, She was confused but turned to what he was looking at. "Do you remember that sheet and the clothes on it" His smirk got bigger as recognition shown in her big hazel eyes. "But... But.." "Exactly" he said after her. He brought his hand down stabbing her straight at the chest, her pupils dilating. ~~~~~ Never hurt someone so much they'd come back to hunt you.. a person out for revenge... In the quiet corridors of Reyna's seemingly ordinary life, an unsettling mystery unfolds. Anonymous letters, cryptic and disturbing, arrive with an eerie regularity. Is it mere coincidence, a mistake, or does an ominous secret lie beneath the surface? Reyna grapples with these questions, her world teetering on the edge of the unknown She's offered help by Shawn Anderson, a suspect of the investigation. She's torn on whether it's right trusting him but torn between desperation and caution, accepts. Their alliance becomes a dance of intrigue, trust, and veiled motives. Can Shawn be trusted, or is he merely adding another layer to the mystery?. And with the haunting presence of the unknown lingers, leaving an unsettling sense of mystery that lingers in the shadows.


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by MakeItMajor1