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!!UNDER EDITING!! SHINGEKI NO KYOJIN OC x LEVI FAN-FICTION Bella Thorn, a young lady had lived her life perfectly at the age of twelve. Now we've all noticed, I said "lived." I had a brother, Kazu, but I called him Kazune, just as he called me Bellane. We lived on the outer court, the Shiganshina District within Wall Maria's range. Our parents had disappeared years before, to who knows where and at that time...Kazune was the only one I had. I didn't cherish the days I had, I never thought I needed to, till that afternoon had arrived. I had indeed received the knowledge of what's inside me, what I was made off. We called them, "The Thorn Walls." Each time I had a specific goal, or task I would have to happened, and I was taken as advantage to the king. I'm safe, not just in these three walls, but in this palace. Not locked up like Rapunzel, but free to scout around the gardens and serve in the military police, live the interior. I was sick of this. Sick of all the people dying. Sick of the king keeping me back. I requested it, and now I lurk in the shadows keeping my ears around Maria, Rose, and the Sina districts with a secret I kept since my brother's incident. Now it's time to avenge him, and kill the Titans.

{1} Born Here, Die Here

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Trump Car...
by sonderistic