Passion Of Mafia.
By Desires_101
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Mature Book. Working to make ends, Alex Hart; a PA for the famous man Max Henderson. Alex is young, beautiful, and very brave. She looks for the good in all even her father. Rick Hart. Rick Hart the addict who makes a big mistake changing the life of his daughter forever. Demanding, Possessive, and cruel, Blake Grey. At a young age he was tortured to be strong, tortured to withstand hours of pain. Maybe even years of anger piled up. On one eventful night the angered-hot mess encounters the strong, informative Alex. After only seconds with her he has to have what he knows is forbidden, but there is a big secret to the not so dull, heartless man. How do you tell a beautiful woman you're in the Mafia? How do you tell the one girl that has fixed you, that you, yourself is broken beyond repair? Rated PG-13 All RIghts reserved @Desires_101

Chapter 1- The beginning.

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Passion O...
by Desires_101