The Devil On Our Sh...
By FikkieAdeniyi
  • Mystery / Thriller
  • club
  • dare
  • death
  • devil
  • gamble
  • nigeria
  • sin
  • suicide
  • suspense
  • truthordare
  • university


Final year Industrial Engineering student Pẹlumi Wemida is one inch from being buried under the stress of exams and his strenuous project. The perfect chance to blow off some steam is at a club his friend, Kacey, works at. Surely, nothing could go wrong, or so he thought. Tipsy and euphoric, Pẹlumi accepts a dare to play a simple game with a stranger who called himself The Devil. In a shocking twist of events, the stakes of the game are raised. Pẹlumi is faced with a gamble where one wrong step could not only make him lose everything, but could also cost the lives of innocent people. There are consequences for listening to the words of the devil on your shoulder. The wages of sin is death, and Pẹlumi is about to pay it in full.

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The Devil...
by FikkieAdeniyi