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You’ve got to admit, from all the countless pictures you’ve seen and music videos and interviews you’ve watched, you felt something different in Patrick Stump and Pete Wentz’s friendship—as if there was something more behind everything that they had shown the fans and the media, as if they were hiding a secret from us. We all know that they had avoided talking about “Peterick” (which sort of became a taboo word already in the fandom due to the two men’s utter dislike towards the issue) and had tried to bury that topic six feet underground, but for most of the fans… They just wanted to acknowledge the elephant in the room. To tickle your imagination a tad bit further, this is a collection of one-shots and drabbles from a smaller portion of the same part of my brain that had brought you “You Should’ve Taught Me Such Naughty Things”. Expect a variety of stories—ranging from explicit to innocent to emotional and dramatic chapters. © Daphne Reyes (conjurethemockingjay), All Rights Reserved 2014-2015

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