Canine Instincts: W...
By femboy_h00ters2020
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Remus Lupin has never had a true friend, so upending his life to move across the state really wasn't a big deal to him. He's already lost his mom so there's really nothing life can throw at him that fazes him anymore. Sirius Black is a rich jock, co-captain of the schools football team. On the outside he seems like the stereotypical pretentious bad boy that all the girls drool over, but there's much more to him than what's on the outside. When there two very different worlds collide, the two, very different, boys will either become each other's heaven or hell. !!!TRIGGER WARNINGS!!! Self harm, Abuse, alcohol and drug use, addiction, depression, death Please do not read if any of these themes will upset you, a lot of them will be quite heavy in this story


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Canine In...
by femboy_h00ters2020