Fate II
By kirariidol
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This is the continuation of Fate I and will start with Chapter CCI. In the far eastern continent laid the infamous, imperial Kou Empire. Its land stretched farther than any other and its seas reaching out to the farthest kingdoms. They boasted vast wealth and prosperity, well-known to all their massive army which dominated both land and sea. From but a small, measly kingdom to a large, expansive empire was much due to the work of the Imperial family but the household that backed them and made it all possible was none other than the Heartfilia Clan. Though but a merchant family, their power was second only to the Imperial family in name and it wouldn't be a far stretch to say they controlled most of the world's economy and trade with connections around the globe. Centered at all this power and wealth was none other than Lucy Heartfilia, the sole daughter, and the next Emperor who she shall serve was none other than Ren Kouen, the First Imperial Prince. The red strings of fate that had bound them all were fastened like an iron chain as the wheels and gears continued to spin. Like all living things, all life is birthed from a point and all happenings must have a beginning. The continuous pull of fate upon them was never-ending, almost as if it were a curse, subjecting them to both life and death. Now, the wheels are churning once more but, this time, back to where it all started. Back to where their fated paths began. Back to the curse of it all. Disclaimer: This may contain explicit scenes that are not advised for those under the age of 16. In addition, this is a crossover fanfiction between Fairy Tail and Magi. The two are owned by Hiro Mashima and Ōtaka Shinobu respectively. :D


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Fate II
by kirariidol