My Sirius Infatuati...
By IAmSirius
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Lucy Dalton was a beautiful, bright, and bubbly modern day witch. She grew up in the Muggle world with her Squib mother and her wizard father. Soon after the rise of You-Know-Who, her mother was widowed and left to take care of two children all alone. Lucy is to attend Hogwarts, the school for wizards and witches alike, in a few years. Wishing to follow father's footsteps and be the best witch she can be, Lucy does everything she can to do so. Now, in her fifth year, Lucy aces all... scratch that, MOST of her classes, with the exception of divination. Proudly in the house of Gryffindor, Lucy is befriended early on by none other than, you guessed it, the marauders. Lucy goes through a lot of pain, mischief, and love, mostly caused by a certain marauder, but who might that be, you ask? Read to find out.... A most special thanks to IAmSeverusSnape for making the amazing cover. She is amazing. Disclaimer: I do not, and, sadly, will not ever own the rights to the Harry Potter series or any of it's contents i.e: spells, potions, characters, etc. All rights reserved to JKR! She is an amazing author! I do, however, own Lucy and the rest of her family. And a few other characters belong to me and corresponding wattpad members! Thanks, just thought I should put that in there since I don't in any of my chapters.

The Black Lake

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My Sirius...
by IAmSirius