The Casualty «Duka...
By XindiChick
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= 'You're my guardian angel, you know that?' He weaved his fingers in her hair and leaned down to kiss her. Despite the heavy smell of stale kanar on his breath, all she wanted right now was to press her lips to his, let his mouth devour her, have his hands run all over her body. She wanted to be his. But that was the issue right there: he could not be hers. = A new, slightly more cheerful version of the most underdog moment in known Cardassian history - the Rebellion. The OC is a young Bajoran woman who grew up among her captors. Despite everything, she not only considers the empire her home, she is also attracted to its inhabitants - a lot. As a graduate of a local military academy, she enlists as the secretary to the supreme commander: Gul Dukat himself... What could possibly go wrong, right? No need to be a fan of DS9 or ST to read: extensive footnotes included ♥ Three romances and a love triangle in a military environment with war going on (not just) in the background. Angst, smut, action, emotion, soulful romance. Some clean-up of facts and events and a lot of blanks filled to make the story served to us in the series more whole. Also containing a breathtaking screenshot of Damar ;) ♥ Warnings: explicit sex scenes, violence, language. Trigger warnings: in bold above chapters containing them. This is a Star Trek (Deep Space 9) fanfiction. The setting and most characters belong to Paramount Global & Gene Roddenberry. The original characters belong to me. Kind comments and civil constructive criticism always welcome ♥

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The Casua...
by XindiChick