Lupus Deus (Publis...
By xxSkemoxx183
  • Werewolf
  • action
  • alphagod
  • betrayal
  • controling
  • funny
  • island
  • mates
  • packs
  • possessive
  • powerful
  • revenge
  • romance
  • transformation
  • werewolf


In a world of monsters and gods, the Lupus Deus is the one being no one wants among them, especially not the gods that wronged him. Vivian Grey is as average as any werewolf comes, or at least that's what she believes growing up until she is confronted with the fact that her mate is the monster she heard stories about growing up. It doesn't take her long to realize that he is as cruel as whispered, as unfeeling as he is complex, and far more monstrous than believed. When push comes to shove she'll have to learn to navigate her own strength or risk being drowned in his. As a war between her mate and the gods that made him take place, love, might just easily become a double-edged sword. PUBLISHED ON AMAZON Link:

Lupus Deus

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Lupus Deu...
by xxSkemoxx183