What Once Was
By seawrites5
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Growing up away from LA ultimately helped Ainsley avoid the spotlight of her professional football player dad, Nick Sloane. In her small town, everyone really only knows her as who she is. Although, that was until Nick takes on coaching Ainsley's high school football team. This team rarely ever sees a win, so with his knowledge in football, Nick thought he could make a change. However, with Nick coaching the team, that means Ainsley is off limits to every single one of the players because there is no way Nick would ever let his daughter date the players. Although, that does not stop Ryder James, the rising quarterback and future Nick Sloane, from falling for Ainsley. It then tasks the two to learn how to keep their love a secret from Nick, who will stop at nothing to make sure Ainsley stays far away from the players. So, will they be able to keep their love a secret from Nick, and if so... will it really work out? And if not, will Ryder's future be cost for taking the risk of being with Ainsley Sloane, daughter to one of the best quarterbacks of all time?

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What Once...
by seawrites5