An Age Of An End(On...
By ThatShyGirl06
  • Horror
  • achapteraday5
  • alone
  • apocalypse
  • family
  • infected
  • livingdead
  • survival
  • teen
  • together
  • travel
  • undead
  • zombie-apocalypse


Fifteen year old Reanne Barron thought her life was hard. But she didn't know what hard was until she walked in on her Adoptive father eating her mom. Suddenly the world she is familiar with is turned upside down when the dead come to life. After seeing her father devouring her mother's flesh she is forced to kill him. Alone in a world with dead walking she has to take care of her siblings by herself and nowhere to go. after escaping out of town she decides to try to find her aunt from her real family so they can have some chance of surviving. She must find a way across the states all while dealing with her siblings, fighting bandits who seems to enjoy taking advantage of the new world. All while dealing with her aunt's annoying ex-boyfriend who enjoys pushing her buttons any chance he gets.

Chapter One

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An Age Of...
by ThatShyGirl06