After Lust
By JLMicasea
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Introduction: Han Jisung has always been sure of himself. He knows what he wants to be - a music producer. He knows where he wants to be - in the big city, away from the hometown that threatened to suffocate his dreams. He even knows where he's going to be in five years time - right at the top of the musical food chain, living nothing but his best life. But when a chance encounter draws him into a close working relationship with a confident, devastatingly attractive choreographer, everything he knows is thrown into disarray, and he soon discovers... That some things, you simply cannot plan for. Genre: Member x member. Told from a first person perspective. Alternative universe, non-idol members, slice of life, modern day. Contains themes of love and romance, explicit sexual content, angst and tension, sexuality discovery, LGBTQ+ representation, personal growth and development, slow burn, friendships and companionship. Characters: Focused around Han Jisung and Lee Know. All members of Stray Kids are included. Contains original characters. Other Information: Total word count: 85k approx (ongoing) Total chapters: 20/? (ongoing) Published: December 2021 © December 2021 by jl-micasea-fics DO NOT REPOST. DO NOT TRANSLATE. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. MY WORK IS PROTECTED BY COPYRIGHT LAW.

Chapter 1

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After Lust
by JLMicasea