[ON HOLD] Defenestr...
By Xeinryuze0215
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Defenestration(n.) - the act of throwing someone out of a window. Cale looked at his appearance in front of a mirror, annoyance can be seen. "At this point, someone just kill me please. So that I can finally rest peacefully." Alberu sipped his newly made tea, his current appearance not suitable for his noble actions. He could also see Choi Han slumped on the couch as he ate cookies. "FUCKING HELL! IF WE'RE GOING TO SWITCH BODIES ATLEAST THROW ME INTO CHOI HAN'S! FUCK!" Cale stared at the blonde hair and blue eyes. "GIVE ME BACK MY BODY! I DIDN'T SIGN UP FOR THIS SHIT!" Cale, who's currently in the crown prince's body, screamed as he dreaded the situation they...he is currently in. Alberu only shook his head mischievously as he accidentally broke the handle of the cup...again. He was also currently in his instructor's body as Choi Han is currently residing in Cale's. A fic where the God of Death fucks everything up again for the nth time. Alberu√óCale√óChoi Han

"Can A God Be Yeeted Please?"

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[ON HOLD]...
by Xeinryuze0215