Asta Staria: Absolu...
By armoredlord1115
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After the events of the Shadow Palace that had the Clover Kingdom almost in ruins the Magic Knights had started the process of rebuilding their country. Asta a peasant from the forsaken realm and one of the heroes that helped in the defeat of the high rank devil Zagred by dealing the finishing blow had been enjoying his victory but it was short lived when he was led to the courtroom along with Nero to be prosecuted. This momentary vulnerability that the Clover Kingdom had been experiencing had been the opening needed for the greedy royals and nobles to pin the blame on someone else instead of admitting that the numerous causalities that they had suffered had been the result of their incompetence and who else to pin the blame on other then the magicless peasant whom nobody is going to miss or so they thought. Before the unfair execution could take place, the entire courtroom had started to freeze in ice to reveal a man in his late 30s who immediately rescued Asta not before leaving a message that would later shake the entire Kingdom. What will happen to the Clover Kingdom now that Asta was no longer there? What will happen to the Clover Hierarchy after Asta heritage was revealed? Will Asta return to the Clover Kingdom? How will Asta allies/friends take the news?

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Asta Star...
by armoredlord1115