Time Will Tell (seq...
By Red_Assassin
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THIS IS A SEQUEL TO HE'S MY MATE I feel the cold stones pressed to my back, seeping through the piece of fabric I have on to cover my body, the concrete below just as cold. This room, wherever it is, is kept low, low enough to bring my body temperature down. I haven't been able to access my wolf since I had been drugged when they got me. I don't know who they are, some monsters that have kept me prisoner. I don't even know how long I've been here. I tried counting the days, but when there are no windows, barely any lights, and when you keep getting knocked out by drugs, it makes it impossible to guess. I feel the deep pit of despair coming back to swallow me whole. The mood swings I keep going through, they must be a side effect of whatever it is they're giving me. There's no way out of this, there's no way Alarik will find me, and there's no way I can break free. I give up pulling on the shackles that bind my wrists, the skin there rubbed raw and scabbing from all the times I've tried to pull them loose. Even if I had my wolf strength, they're made of silver. There's no way I'm getting out of them, not unless someone unlocks them with a key. *************** Following Allison's disappearance, Alarik has been on edge. He's seached the entire pack, looked every possible place near their lands and hasn't found a single piece of evidence that leads to her, and what's worse is he can't link to her. Something's shut off the access of her to him, and there are very, very few ways that could happen, and one of them is death. Alarik refuses to give up hope that his mate is still alive and while he wants to blame Hazel, the very demon who said she wouldn't stop until she was with Alarik, one witness actually saw what happened, and it wasn't a woman that had taken his mate. Alarik is racing against time. Time that if it runs out, he must marry the very woman he despises, and the time that's slowly ticking to find Allison alive. Cover by @_fangirling

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Time Will...
by Red_Assassin