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Amara Park : Independent small bakery owner. She is obsessed with watching movies and TV shows. She can't go a day without some chicken nuggets. She's mixed and love her family more than anything in the world, but that will soon change once a certain 3 year old who always goes to her bakery... Walks in with someone she's never seen before... Stefano Ricci : A single dad. He is the Ceo of a corporation company. He owns multiple hotels and hospitals. He's a chilled guy around his family and friends, but in the office... Not so much. He loves his son and he'll do anything for him. When his son's mother left him, she made him cold. He doesn't trust easily and he hasn't seen interest in any woman for 3 years. It all changes when one day his son wants to go to his favorite bakery. He wanted to know why his son loves it so much. For his son, it's the cookies and the kind pretty lady behind the counter, for him... It's just her. When these two meet and stare into each other's eyes, will they fall in love, will she be able to take on being a stepmom and one of the most handsome bachelor's girlfriend? Or will she get overwhelmed and give up... Story cover by : @_navyblueee_


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by NiqueMkw