Protagonist Became...
By mensaiesh
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As tragedy befalls on Zhan Yu , he soon finds himself transmigrated into a novel world as a character. To his disappointment, he became the villain who obsessively chased after the male protagonist and was in love while scheming to tear apart his relationship with his beloved (but male protagonist was straight). To avoid his death route, Zhan Yu carefully avoided the male and female protagonists at every turn. Instead, he went off on his own to enjoy life. But somewhere along the way, he made a mistake- the male protagonist took notice of him! Zhan Yu's eyes teared up as he was being kissed in Lu Bai's arms. 'No! This wasn't in the plot! What just happened?!!! ' Wasn't the male protagonist straight?!!! To be continued.... To get to know what happened Let's read .... .... NOTICE ------ Hi, How are you? Hope you are well. I read the comments and many said the story * The protagonist became bend what to do* is a novel same to one of bg novel. Yes, I agree it is same . Actually I haven't read that book I just read few chapters some months before it was intresting so I read it as a bl novel prespective so I just thought why not write it as a bl novel prespective type. I am very sorry for the hurt and everything happened I didn't wanted to hurt anybody's feelings. Hope you don't mind and please don't report or anything if you don't like so you can not read the bl type if its such hurt just pls just message I will delete the novel as soon as I can if you don't like the bl novel prespective. Its for an entertainment purposes only and does not attend to hurt anybody's or anyone's feelings or anything. I hope you just enjoy the bl prespective of the novel . .Sorry for the hurt. (⌣_⌣") Hello everyone, This story is for fun and this novel is been edited to bl version, Hope you enjoy it. Pls don't complaint or anything it's for entertainment purposes only.

CHAPTER - 1 Transmigrated to a Novel

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by mensaiesh