My Heart Choose You...
By carter__taylor
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What happened when love had been separated for seven years? Would they still burn? Or they froze, freezing the sweet memories that had been made? Let's just relate this to Emma and Jace. The two lovers had been separated for seven years, may I repeat, SEVEN YEARS. Well, Jace had to move with his family to another state, because of his father's business. Both of them grew into a mature teenager. What happened when they meet again? They would be happy as hell, of course. But what if, Jace, the hot and charming boy which Emma thought still loves her, had a girlfriend? Not to mention that his girlfriend has a model-like body and a perfect face. There's now way Emma's going to compete with that. But if it's love, they'll find their own way to get what they wanted, right?

Chapter 1 - Flashback

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My Heart...
by carter__taylor