Ecstasy, Misery
By kenneedyxx
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  • 1998
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18+ | UPDATES WHEN I'M NOT DEPRESSED *** May 2nd, 1998. Oakland, California. Nova Deville attends her Father's political rally to show her support for his Mayoral Campaign. When a group of young, masked 'outlaws' crash the rally to speak out against Deville's corruption, Nova gets wrapped up in their passion and ends up aiding them in their escape. After helping this mysterious group of leather and lace, she slowly gets sucked into their world of sex, drugs and rock n' roll. One member of the group stands out to her; Harry Dawson. He's cold, reckless, brutally honest and wants nothing to do with her. But, Harry becomes the least of her problems when a brutal murder rocks the town and tensions rise in the already politically segregated community. But, it doesn't stop at one. When the murderer starts making victims of Nova's very own social circle, she can't help but think that this killer is closer to her than she thinks and she can't trust anyone. *** "Fuck, Nova, please touch me. I fucking hate myself for this, but you're making me so desperate, please," Harry falls apart in front of me, whimpering and moaning at the words tumbling out of his own mouth. I start to reach out my hand, ready to touch him for the very first time, and he moans out in anticipation from my slight movement, eyes trained on my delicate fingers. And then, the sound of shattering glass and a loud thud pierces the air from downstairs. I go completely still. "No, don't stop, Nova..." He whines at me and wraps his own hand around himself to relieve some tension. I ignore his pleas and grab my gun from off my nightstand, ready to handle whatever the fuck is going on downstairs now. "Wait here for me," I grab his wrist, pulling his hand out of his lap and throwing it back against my headboard roughly, "and no touching." *** Started: December 12th, 2021


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by kenneedyxx