Sinful Addiction
By demimartha026
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He had a habit of dragging darkness just about everywhere he went. Darkness wrapped in Armani. His personality colder than a block of ice. She was loud, carefree and tainted around the edges. I played by the rules. I did what was asked of me. Until I met the one person that could destroy everything I had worked for. I hated him since our first encounter, and now I was forced to tolerate him. He was called gadyuka in Russia, but he was known as the Sin in the deep underground of New York. Handsome face filled with violence, commanding, gorgeous and deadly. A killer, a thief, a sociopath, and feared by all. A made man. He came dressed in all black. Gold cuff links. Tattoos burned into his skin. He had the ability to pin me to the ground with a single glare and made me feel things I didn't want to. He was absolutely unhinged. Frightening. Everything wrong and everything right. And he held the key to my cage in his palm. And before he crushed the key; I was going to fuck with the serpent, and then I was going to hunt him. He just didn't know it yet. - preview - "I'll fucking ruin your life, Elena. Corrupt every goddamn part of your body, and soul. And when I'm done with you, you'll get on your knees and thank me." His low voice snarled. Desperate. He backed me into a wall. He grabbed me by the throat, but didn't choke me. Just kissed me so deep I forgot whose air I was breathing. "I'm not fucking done with you, Elena. And if it is up to me, I'm not done fucking you either."

Sinful Addiction

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by demimartha026