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Gon Freeces's life was ordinary. He was 17, living with a roommate. His name was Kurapika, a chill but strict roommate. They pretty much had a sibling parent relationship to be honest, which was kind of nice because he didn't have much contact with his aunt mito and he'd never met his father or mother before. The only thing off about his life right now, was two things. One, the lack of a job. That was going to be fixed tomorrow, he had an interview with a large company scheduled tomorrow. But the bigger thing, was his love life. Gon just...couldn't seem to keep a steady relationship. It wasn't that he didn't like the people he was going out with, they were just fine. But when they wanted to take the next step, he just didn't find it enjoyable. Gon had kissed, many people. But none of them seemed right. At first he thought it might be because he wasn't straight, but none of the males he tried worked out either. 7 girlfriends, 5 boyfriends. What was strange...was that none of the breakups ever really hurt him.

Chapter 1

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by Killugon_Kitten