The Seeress: A Naru...
By LightningCFarron
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Oracles are not really known to be true...They go by either Oracles or Seers but both have one thing in common... They are able to know about future events before they even take place. Only females are known to hold this power but what if, if all the girls are granted these powers must become an exact copy of the original user? To her surprise, whenever she tried to pass it on, those girls would die of an early age. The girl decided that she would keep the power to herself but it came with a price. There would be a time where she will lose all her memories, be reborn again, and start her life over and over again. The more she was close to finding out why she was reborn again. Until this time, it played out differently. She was founded by someone who refers to himself as Obito and has been told that he was her fellow guardian and ally. With no recollection of who she is, she follows his every order with no hesitation. As the years go on, the more she discovers about herself, the more she doubts about being close to Obito. With the help of her future companions, Sasuke and Naruto, things might be in turn for better or for worse.

Sarah The Seeress

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The Seere...
by LightningCFarron