Taming The Beast
By 5harryseconds
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The first book of the Young Blood series. I'm Jessica Wolveshire. For a normal human being I got used to the idea of the impossible a little too soon. I always wanted that there would be a forever for all of us. But, sometimes forever isn't good enough. Now, I'm stuck with a bipolar alpha. He has Major Mood swings. He's rude to people. He likes killing sprees. He's over possessive, He's a dork. He's a little too fit.. He loves cereal. He's a big teddy bear at the same time. And I think I'm falling for him. But I'm not sure what he feels. This isn't a story about revenge, blood or murder. It's about the usual bipolar alpha and the usual sweet and innocent girl. This is a story of normal people and normal loves except the fact that werewolves play a huge part in it.

Chapter 1

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Taming Th...
by 5harryseconds