The Hothead And The...
By Chimera20077
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Edward wasn't all sad and alone before Bella. He was married to the first ever Vampire Artemis. Heartbroken and very angry she leaves. She gets a call 16 months later begging for her help with a newborn army rising in Seattle. She comes back to Forks to save her family. What happens when she meets the very hot headed shifter on La Push? What if the spirits chose her to be his soulmate? And how are they going to make it work in this crazy monster filled world? This story has sorta been discontinued. I am rewriting in it 3rd person, editing it, and posting it as another story. It will have better dialog, relationships, and go into more detail. The story is up now and called Pretty lies. It will be posted while I write, some days it will be zero others it might be ten you never know with me.


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The Hothe...
by Chimera20077