[BL] A Little Cryin...
By Erishi_An
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A Little Crying Bag Dressed as a Paranoid Villain [Wearing a Book] 穿成偏执反派的小哭包[穿书] Author: 雁鸣月 Status: 82 Chapters (Completed) Description Chu Xuan stayed up late to chase after a book about the sweet protagonist abused the villain, and he hated the villain throughout the whole process. Because of the miserable childhood, the villain's personality defects have become chaotic and paranoid, and many innocents have been implicated. Before going to bed, he was still complaining. If he could see him, the first thing was to let the villain feel his anger! It was not until he opened his eyes again that Chu Xuan knew that he had worn the book. At this moment, a black-clothed boy was sitting in front of him, looking at him with a smile. Chu Xuan, a veteran dog: Gan! This young man conquered my three views with his five senses. Yan Mengsheng looked at the boy on the stool and his expression changed repeatedly. He smiled, stood up, and was about to approach the child... The boy's eyes were red, his big eyes were full of tears, his voice was soft and full of grievances: Brother, I'm cold, I want you to hug! Yan Mengsheng, who has always been cruel and cold-blooded, was stunned for the first time, feeling the heart beating in the cold blood. .* After the disaster, Chu Xuan: Fortunately, in this article, he is most concerned about this villain QAQ. Later, when Yan Mengsheng is about to go the wrong way, he will think of the little crying bag at home with a red nose and say to him: Make money and support me Bang! Brother...I want to eat sweet cream cake. So far, touching the bottom of my heart is soft and loving Chu Xuan to the bone. * In the original book, the person who hasn't received the box lunch is wondering: why not come to kill us? Waiting for us to be so anxious! Yan Mengsheng handed Chu Xuan a piece of candy and touched his head: Sorry, I am addicted to making money and raising children. Not only that...-I want to give him

Chapter 1

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[BL] A Li...
by Erishi_An