The Unforgotten
By Hannah_Nicole72
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Hannah was your normal seventeen year old girl. She had friends and did the normal teenage girl stuff. But when she starts to crush on Louis Tomlinson everything begins to go downhill. She upsets her friend and she gets to nervous to say anything to anyone when he is around. As if things cant get much worse something in her past is sparked and it not only effects her but everyone too. Journey with Hannah and her friends to find out if true love comes her way or not in The Unforgotten. Hi! My name is Hannah and I love to write. This book was written by me so don't copy write it. If you do see someone copy writing it please tell me. It takes a long time to write these chapters and I don't want someone calling it there's. Enjoy and comment and vote! Thanks! :)

Always Late

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The Unfor...
by Hannah_Nicole72