If He Shoot I Shoot...
By Monaaaaa
  • Romance
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August is a king pin in the streets of California. He's not your common king pin when it comes to love. Yea yea he hit em and quit em too but he actually wants love ... Not just any type of love ...real love. He wants someone who gonna ride for him and hold him down, someone who's going to be loyal to him., He wants a freak in the sheets but a lady in the streets. He not looking for her though. He's waiting for her to ride up in a magic chariot. Little did he know that she already pulled up in a low rider with the roof down. She a freak in the sheets but a killer in the streets. Will he choose his Cinderella or his Rider ? Read to find out. "If you got me I got you. You got my front I got your back. You got the glock. Want me hold it? If you shoot I'ma reload it." SOME PARTS IN THIS STORY WILL HAVE SEXUAL CONTENT AND GRUESOME CONTENT. SO READ AT YOUR OWN RISK!!!!!

Chapter 1

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If He Sho...
by Monaaaaa