Trust Issues|COMPLE...
By SsStoria
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EPISTOLARY SERIES BOOK TWO WHY do you have it? WHEN did it started? WHERE did you get it? WHO do you developed it with? WHAT was the reason of it? TRUST ISSUES is like a trend to every teenagers this days. They say they have it. Then why, when, where, who, what was all behind it? For someone who have trust issues, do you get attached to something or someone easily? For this case, Elciquine prove that she have trust issues even to her own self. But with one 'unknown' stranger named after Eurice, things change. The rules under trust issue is no where to be found. Witness their exchange of conversation while both struggling for their mental health. In sadness and loneliness, depression and anxiety, would you let some stranger meddle with your mind and your life?

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Trust Iss...
by SsStoria