-ON HOLD The Maiden...
By hell_raiser101
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"I can smell your fear" Logan said lazily while dragging his machete across the wall, many years he had been doing this killing for fun. It amused him to watch people beg for their lives but this little spitfire seemed to be doing the exact opposite. "Well I can smell your unsanitary, disgusting, urinated balls" Estelle snorted, rolling her eyes, she heard the thud of his boots walking towards her but knew exactly when Logan was close to her as she felt the warmth from his body against her front. Grabbing Estelle's hair he yanked it back. "Don't you dare patronize me" he growled into her ear, mate or not he will not get disrespected in such a way, the strong smell of blood and death invaded Estelle's senses. "You do not speak to me in that way darling" Logan muttered pulling her up so his breath was against her neck, trailing his lips up till he reached her ear he lightly bit, growling to himself at the little moan that slipped past her lips, he was losing control quickly. The harshest craziest werewolf known to ever live is back for the death tower games, known take lives like pulling on a string, he was avoided. He has two choices when Estelle showed up at the top of the tower, play by his rules or spare his mate. -On hold until further notice-


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by hell_raiser101