Who are you? (A Lok...
By bookloversadie
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Being kidnapped is bad, being kidnapped when you are an undercover shield agent is worse, but when you are kidnapped from a underground bunker while working for director Fury at the suggestion of a man you thought you trusted is the most scarring thing ever. Sophie is kidnapped by Loki, god of mischief. Except she doesn't know that is who he is. Scared and alone, she is going to be forced to make life changing decisions, and worst of all, possibly be forced to tell her biggest secret. But as time goes on, she starts to wonder. Why is she seeing this man in a different light? (Please stick through the first ten chapters, as it gets much better as it goes on. Or so I like to think...)

Chapter 1 - The Project

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Who are y...
by bookloversadie