The Living Goddess
By moneligirl
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Sarah Slovanki a sixteen year old leading a normal life with her family and friends who love her like nothing else .But on her seventeen birthday everything turned upside down when her bethroted came back to take what he deemed as his . quick peek: Silvery eyes danced with mischeviousness as he peered upon her from the chandeliar crouched in a predatory position.Seeing her all scared of him every time turns him on Is there something on my face ? who do i always found you so scared of me like a little little mouse you are is beyond me . chuckling slightly he asked tilting his head sideways as if debating something important inside faking all innocence "w_hat do you want ?look i have nothing please let me go"Kara stuttered how she has gotten herself into this trap is beyond her "it flies the damn guy walks on the roof " Hello guyz me again .Hope you will like this story .Please don't forget to vote comment follow share .;) . ********************

The past

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The Livin...
by moneligirl