Green Light
By LizEG96
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How it began: Boy meets girl. Boy and girl fall in love. Boy and girl start to imagine a future together. But then boy gets arrested, sent to jail, and the girl finds herself alone. What is girl to do? *~*~*~* Jael Strong was at a loss when she watched Dominic Toretto get taken away by the police. Feeling as though her heart had been torn from her chest, she found herself feeling alone for the first time in her life. Despite it all though she refused to be a stereotype. So instead of sitting around and waiting for her childhood love to come home again, Jael made a new start for herself. She moved to Miami, made some new friends, and started her own family. Little did she know just how fast time would fly before we found herself being greeted by familiar faces.


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Green Lig...
by LizEG96