Writing tips just f...
By Xx_Lottie777_xX
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Are you one of those people known as 'ghost readers'? The sort of people who make an account on wattpad but don't make stories, add any comments or do nothing on wattpad apart from READ? Are you thinking RIGHT NOW "I wanna write a book as well as to be unicorn!" Well guess what? "YOU CAN DO IT! YOU CAN WRITE A BOOK!" (and a be a unicorn) But how? Simply read on, my friend. This book, if you are curious, includes writing tips (as the Title of this book kinda states) ideas, Inspiration for your book, Ideal Actresses that could play characters in your book and etc. Is this the book you've been searching long and hard for? Well then, quit reading the blurb and get on with the actual CONTENTS of the book, pal! STEPS TO SUCCESS---> 1. Click "READ". 2. Read. 3. Comment your thoughts. 4. Begin your book. 5. Be the best Author on Wattpad!! (okay, this is your choice) byyeeeeee x

Writing tips just for YOU

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Writing t...
by Xx_Lottie777_xX