Queen of Ships (Lar...
By Larry_Tarry
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(this has no resemblance to Married to a Larry Shipper. I did everything I can to STAY AWAY from her ideas.) Emma is getting Married to her Fiance,Harry. and she doesn't even care if he cheats on her. because he knows if he did. it would be with the one and only, Eleanour Calder's Louid Tomlinson Not that Eleanour minds either. -.- (I got this book idea a long time ago before Married to a Larry Shipper came out. the chapters are my own ideas. I will try to stay away from her book as much as possible. I own this book. I give credit to myself unless someone gives me the idea. she has talked about making her book into a fanfiction herself. but this is MY book. I am not stealing anything of her's and she is stealing nothing of mine. she just has a great brain and thought of the same idea I thought a while ago. she just actually did it.)

Untitled Part 1

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Queen of...
by Larry_Tarry