His Antidote (Old v...
By ShellyCullen
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I hated to admit it, but Anthony was a damn good kisser and no amount of denial was going to convince me that I didn't enjoy his lips pressed against mine. **Kayla has the looks, the boyfriend, and the trip that will finally bring them together. It's the summer after sophomore year, and everything seems perfect. Except it's not. If she wants to go anywhere, she’ll have to convince her mother she’s responsible. That’s not easy. So she signs up for a volunteer program at the local hospital. Only there’s a problem. Her patient is a seventeen year old hottie from Strangetown. If Kayla wants to go on this trip bad enough, she’ll have to push aside her judgmental personality, ditch her self-centered attitude and go from lazy to workaholic all for a guy she hates. She's going to have to play by his rules, gain his trust, and somehow manage to figure out what his condition is all before summer ends. But the one thing she didn't expect to cross off her to-do list? Falling in love with him.

A Boy Not Worth Waiting For

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His Antid...
by ShellyCullen