Unreachable Shadows
By Arshiiax3
  • Paranormal
  • badboy
  • badgirl
  • brothers
  • curse
  • death
  • love
  • magic
  • mystery
  • pararomance
  • romance
  • shadow
  • shadows
  • twins
  • unreachable
  • unreachablelove
  • wealth
  • witch


Two parents, Xavier and Rani Ducaelion, go missing after a big fire in their home. Firemen, detectives, and media say it was an accidental fire caused by one of the maids, but that doesn't stop their three sons of thinking differently. The maid who was accused of the fire has worked for the Ducaelion family for ages and has never made a mistake while lightning the fireplace, yet it's being said that the fireplace had some residue of a flammable substance. Five years later, the misunderstanding is brought up again when a curse is spelled on the three brothers by a powerful female who has a special place in the heart of the firstborn Aden. But Aden is not the only one to fall for mystery and magic. His younger brothers, the twins Daniel and Declan, have their own interests in the secrets which they did not know of until they were cursed. Secrets get revealed, mysteries get unsolved, but little do they know that their curse only gets evolved by every discovery. Their situation gets even more curious when a familiar person returns to the Ducaelion Castle.

Introduction (Author and characters)

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by Arshiiax3