The Villain Integra...
By Calybear7
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It always felt like you didn't belong. Your parents were villains and you just didn't seem to fit that kind of life. When they're captured by the heroes, you don't feel at home in heroic custody. Even when Aizawa offers to help you back on your feet as a hero and not a villain like your parents were, you struggle to find the right place to fit in. The 1-A students are all weary of you and many of the lower level students struggle to understand how the Villains Integration Program just slotted you in the best hero class in the country. It seems kind of ironic to be a VIP with nothing to show for it. Two 1-A students seem to have very strong and opposing opinions about you, which appears to drive you towards picking the detention center over the program. Little do you know, that the pair would do anything to keep from driving you away. Your quirk is similar to Oogie Boogie in that you have control over 'creepy crawlies' that you can produce out of the stitches in your body.

The Offer | Chpt 1

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The Villa...
by Calybear7