Sold to him (The Ma...
By Butterfly_Love_X
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"WAIT!? YOU SOLD ME?" - "You are mine, Emily... You belong to me" he whispers in my ear and then kisses me. I feel electricity through my whole body. His hand goes from my hips to my ass and he squeezes so hard that I can't help the whimper that escapes me. "And this..." kiss! " future wife..." Smack! Right on my ass. "...Is only the beginning" * Mateo El Ricci Intense, Perceptive, Mysterious The most feared man in New York And my husband... My uncle sold me to their family and now I'm an wife to Mateo, the first guy who made me feels things deep inside. He hates me, it's clear. The way he looks at me with disgust makes me want to die, to run but I have nowhere to go. Until finally he lets me see the real darkness in his heart and claiming there is no place for me but he messed with the wrong woman. I love a challenge and I'm not planning to lose. The way in his heart is difficult, especially when the truth comes to light but you know what? Nothing is going to stop me from trying. Because he's worth the pain, lies and broken promises... Find out! (+18 scenes) Will edit soon when I have the time!

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Sold to h...
by Butterfly_Love_X