Perfectly Matched
By StellarStellaLeigh
  • Romance
  • bartender
  • familyissues
  • happyending
  • kiddos
  • matchmaker
  • recovery
  • sequel
  • siblings
  • strongfemalecharacter
  • therapy
  • throuple


*** COMPLETED STORY *** The sequel to Perfectly Mixed. Selena and Scott crave simplicity as their life together keeps being challenged by the circumstances that surround them. They begin to contemplate what their future holds, Scott wanting to pull back and grow their family while Selena has her doubts because of her own family history. Siblings, Julia and Duane, have leaned on one another through their different forms of recovery and both are ready for a change. Duane wants his freedom from Julia's overbearing focus on him and finds his way through a budding relationship with tough-girl Marty and a knack for baking spurred by a dear old confidante. As Duane pulls back, Julia pushes herself to be able to rejoin her relationship with married couple, Kyle and Lily. They patiently awaited her return and the promise their unconventional arrangement holds for the future. An emotional story that twists and turns to a look at what the future holds for Selena, Scott, and their family and friends. This story contains content that some readers might find triggering. Please protect your mental well-being and seek professional help if you these themes resonate with you. You are not alone. (C) Copyright 2022 - Stella Leigh. The author reserves all intellectual property and moral rights over this work. Violations, including copying, reproducing, or adapting characters or plotlines without Author's permission, will be pursued legally. The story is a fictional depiction. Any resemblance to any actual persons or organizations is purely coincidental.

1. The Road to Recovery

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by StellarStellaLeigh