The Dreamwalker [ON...
By lelakayy
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The Dreamwalker is on hold. It's getting ready for the #WATTYS2019! There are a few things that I need to work on before I can upload the next chapter. Though, it won't be on hold for long! So please don't hold back from reading and commenting. I love getting feedback from readers, and I love seeing you all engage with the story. I will let you all know when I'm back! xx Hidden secrets. Double identities. A love betrayed... Twenty-three year old Adela Heart only has one love in her life: coffee. But sometimes even coffee cannot fix all your problems, especially when secrets are involved. A tutor of history at the prestigious University of Sydney, Adela spends her time in-between classes exploring the University's campus and carries with her a secret she did not know she had... until she stumbles upon a mysterious red door leading to the Groundskeeper's room. She soon discovers a grave secret about a former life she led and the wrong decisions she made in a world far beyond the University campus. She finds herself at a crossroads between her own identity as Adela Heart and as someone else... But that's not all. Haunted in her dreams by a man she both loves and hates, Adela is racing against time to meet his demands, or else someone she loves will die. WINNER of the Jedi Awards 2019 - 3rd PLACE for Fantastical Realm WINNER of the Reader's Choice Award 2018 for Best Fantasy/Spiritual story WINNER of the Untitled Awards 2018 - 1st PLACE Fantasy WINNER of the Net Monthly Awards (September) - 1st PLACE Adventure Story WINNER of the Net Monthly Awards (September) - Best Plot in Adventure WINNER of the 2nd Ohana Awards - 3rd PLACE Fantasy #tca2k19


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The Dream...
by lelakayy