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Author(s) I Had A Dream Once Xī wǒ yǒu mèng 昔我有梦 Status in COO Complete (155 Chapters + 19 Extras) Rong Qing transmigrated into the role of a big boss inside a book. Passionate, rich, and extremely good looking. Yet this kind of big boss character, there were a total of six in the original book. All were embraced and hugged left and right by the original book's main character Xiao Ziqi. How can this be in accordance with the values of an upright modern society? Rong Qing immediately sharpened his (metaphoric) sword and prepared to battle against the other big bosses. He will let them learn that although love was precious, making money was even sweeter! During this process, he also accidentally picked up a little wolf pup cannon fodder from the original book and started his sweet, yet hilarious new life... Hello everyone! Uploader here heheh As you can see I said uploader instead of author or translator since I "didn't write this story neither did I translate it" please keep this in mind. So please don't send hate comments about me taking credit for someone else's work. I only uploaded this since I saw that some people can't seem to read this on other websites except novelupdates and a lot of people are looking for it but some people feel uncomfortable bcs some of them had to put their accounts there bcs they thought it might not be safe, I'm only doing this for the people that want to read this here and can't find it on other websites, Soo yeah. If the original owner or translator wants me to delete this please message me right away and I will delete it. Thank you, I hope you continue to read the story, Bye! Uploader-san out heheh ~|•credits to original owner and translator•|~ Highest Rank: • 1 - Showbiz 10/30/2021 • 1 - censored 10/30/2021 • 1 - Shamelessprotagonist 10/30/2021 • 2 - not mine 11/20/2021 • 4 - transmigrated 11/1/2021 • 1 - moneylover 11/16/2021 • 3 - Reincarnated 03/31/2022

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