she never expected...
By bhumikaaaa_
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I'm sorry I wasn't looking" I said rubbing my elbow because his chest was HARD. "Yeah you weren't, Watch where you're going" he said in a rude tone. I was furious at this moment because he wasn't looking either. It was his fault too. "Helloo! You watch your tone. You're not supposed to talk to me like that...anyone, for the matter of fact" He grabbed my wrist and pulled me to his side so my back was on his chest...well his torso because I was obviously shorter. And let me tell you his colonge was addictive. I loved it but I was angry to pay attention to that. "Listen, whatever your name is. I guess you're new here, so let me give you a little peice of advice. DON'T MESS WITH ME" he said warning me. But I was obviously not taking it. "Listen you whatever YOUR name is, I'm not afraid of your little threats so don't even bother giving me any advices" I said mocking him. He growled in pain as I hit him in his stomach with my elbow and left not even looking back but I could imagine his anger filled face. ••••••••••••••••••••••• This is a story about a love that happened accidentally. None of them expected this. It just happened. Tara is a shy sweet, introvert and innocent college girl who loved her small bubble where her loved ones are allowed. In case of boys and all, she didn't pay attention to that. She thought she always liked sweet guys. But she had an encounter with a rude and arrogant guy who she hated in the very first glance. Raunak was a rude college senior who thought he ruled the world. He was a typical 'ameer baap ki bigdi aulaad". What happens when he meets Tara who doe sn't seem to be affected by any of these and talks back to his rude behavior. He thought being rude was a quality and He thought he would get his heart broken if he will be nice and sweet and people will use him. But when Tara entered his life, it all changed. She showed him who he really was.

she's going to college

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she never...
by bhumikaaaa_