Blood And Chocolate
By yeona_scarletkim
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Jungkook ff Jeon Jungkook as the Mafia King SMUT WARNING: 21+ "Kidnapping me for taking revenge from my Mafia Dad isn't fair" "You don't teach me princess. Now open your legs wide for Daddy." *AUTHOR'S NOTE * I swear I am gonna rewrite this book once I get the chance to. I hate when I read my own words in this Book, but believe me, just bare with the other readers for only this book and go for it's sequels. They are written in a more matured and suspenseful manner. There is a reason why it got a descent amount of views, and I would suggest you not to miss the Book 2 and 3 of the same. Author: Kim Yeona # - btsrapmonster #1- btsjimin #1- jungkook #3- btsfanfic

Chapter 1

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Blood And...
by yeona_scarletkim